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Elixir: No.1 Japan Skincare Brand

Elixir: For PEARL glow skin

BY Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 8th January 2024

Brand Story

ELIXIR, the Shiseido’s flagship brand, was established in 1983. Originating from French word élixir, the brand was conceived with the aspiration to serve as a comprehensive solution, a true “cure-all” for our valued customers.

With more than a decade history, ELIXIR evolved into a brand specializing in skincare in response to the growing skincare needs of our customers. With an extensive research into collagen, the brand is well-liked by many as a skincare brand that consistently incorporates the latest findings, growing to become the No.1 brand in Japan.

ELIXIR leads the world in collagen research

Collagen is the top component responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, which accounting for approximately 70% of the dermis. Collagen in our skin will be decreasing when aging and of course other external factors. Thus, collagen is a key factor to keep our skin firm and healthy.

ELIXIR has continued their effort to develop the collagen research at the forefront of its product development ever since 1983 prior to 1990s. ELIXIR’s collagen related research results have been overwhelming and winning multiple grand prizes from The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC).

Today, ELIXIR continues on collagen research and holds great promise moving forward, not only on firmness and elasticity, but also on skin pigmentation with cutting-edge technology into its products.

Product Lineup

ELIXIR evolves to deliver greater skin benefits to our customers with their best effort on research for over a decade. ELIXIR’s main series is Anti-aging, focusing on firming car for those who are concerned about wrinkles, sagging, and lack of elasticity. Elixir also offer Brightening series to address dark spots and dullness of the skin, and Pore Refining series to combat visible pores and oily skin as well.

Daily Brightening UV Protector
White Enriched Wrinkle Cream
Balancing Oyasumi Mask
Sleeping Gel Pack

ELIXIR Design Time Serum

It is formulated with advanced age-defying technology that strengthens the internal network to replenish collagen and boost skin elasticity resulting in Tsuyadama or “Pearl Glow” skin.

Ingredients to produce this serum are centaurea cyanus flower extract and iris florentina root extract. Centaurea cyanus flower extract promotes the protein production that repairs the damaged skin’s basement membrane due to external factors and aging.

Iris florentina root extract pulls skin’s stem cells to the dermis to produce new fibroblasts that from networks to enhance skin’s ability to produce collagen.

Visit ELIXIR counter at Isetan KLCC & The Gardens, GF for more product information or purchase.

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