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Hotpot Kitchen : Spicy Goodness

Hotpot Kitchen :
Spicy Goodness

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 28th July 2020

If you’ve heard of Hotpot Kitchen, you’ll know it is every spice lover’s dream. 

Featuring a Sichuan staple: the spicy steamboat, Hotpot Kitchen offers a wide selection of fresh meat and vegetables that complement the Sichuan peppercorn-based sauce. One of their unique traits is how it allows customers to choose exactly what ingredient they want to add in their dish, right down to the sauces – it is entirely up to you. The spread is conveniently laid out, so it’ll be easy to make your choice.

The ingredients are about a variety of flavours: Spicy Flowery (Sichuan Peppercorns), salty, sour, sweet & smokey. Frequently all those flavours are combined in one dish. The result is a cuisine with incredible depth and complexity of flavour, hitting all sense receptors at the same time. It’s possible to adjust the level of spiciness, though many come to experience the mouth-tingling heat after each delicious meal.

But if you’re in for a spicy kick, don’t miss out on the spicy platter. Their Bashu-style steamboat is nostalgic with its fragrance and lovingly prepared ingredients. Exclusively in Isetan The Japan Store, the Signature Japanese Mala Udon freshly made-to-order with Inari & Naruto Maki served with a Sichuan Mala Soup is indeed a MUST HAVE dish when visiting our store.

First, you must choose from the freshest meat, seafood, and vegetables that are either deep-fried or boiled before selecting your desired flavour from the flavour chart provided to have your final dish seasoned with any of the trademark sauces. Then, proceed with weighing them at the counter and making your payment. In a matter of minutes, the beeper given to you will light up and your dish will be ready for collection.

You can then start enjoying your flavoursome meal!

Come check out the latest addition of Hotpot Kitchen at Isetan The Japan Store [LGF The Market] from 29th July 2020 onwards.

*Hotpot Kitchen is non-halal

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