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Yakitori Robata-Yaki Touan


Based in Aoyama, one of Tokyo’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, TOUAN brings the simple pleasures of charcoal-grilled yakitori and robataya-yaki to the Malaysian palate. A known favourite for many off-hour Japanese professionals over chilled beers to mark the end of a long day, TOUAN has long established a reputation for both its food and its relaxed pace in contrast to the currents of city life.


Specialising in yakitori and robataya-yaki, TOUAN’s menu is built upon fresh ingredients that are handpicked from a host of suppliers, both locally and internationally. Seafood is flown directly from Japan, while local chickens are sourced with an emphasis on freshness and flavour, to deliver a dining experience that is both leisurely and uncompromising in terms of quality.

The restaurant’s Tokyo-centric menu brings some of the city’s favourites right to Kuala Lumpur, from grilled oysters to grilled scallops with butter soy sauce, and five different varieties of yakitori, among others. Each dish is complimented by a special sauce that has been developed in-house over the past 15 years.


Reflecting its roots that are grounded in the rhythm of Tokyo city life, TOUAN features a functional, yet no less inviting space that is dominated by an open-air kitchen line surrounded by wraparound bar seating.

Whether it be for a quick meal between work hours or a leisurely dinner that stretches long into the evening, there’ll always be a place for you at TOUAN.



11:00 – 15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
Dinner: 17:00 -22:00 (L.O. 21:00)




Kids Seat
Private Party


58 seats


Lunch: RM 25-
Dinner: RM 40-

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