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Ichiran Ramen Pop-up Is Back Again!

Ichiran Ramen Is Back After 3 Years

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 1st Mar 2023

The World Leading Expert in Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is back after 3 years! Isetan Kuala Lumpur is excited to announce that ICHIRAN is opening a Pop-Up eatery booth at LGF The Market in Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10 from 3rd March to 15th March 2023.

Originally from Fukuoka in Japan, ICHIRAN currently has over 80 (Japan : 83 stores, overseas 8 stores) ramen restaurants in Japan and worldwide. ICHIRAN has amid a storm of hype record-breaking queues when new branches in Hong Kong, Taipei, and New York were opened.

Ichiran Ramen Artisan Made Semi Fresh Noodles

At the upcoming Ichiran Ramen Pop-Up eatery in Isetan The Japan Store, LGF The Market, this will be their first pop-up eatery in Malaysia. The pork-bone ramen dish will be sold RM26 per bowl (subject to 6% SST charges). By serving this version of Ichiran 100% Tonkotsu, ramen fans in Kuala Lumpur can enjoy the authentic taste of Ichiran’s delicious pork broth ramen.

Visitors of the event can purchase ICHIRAN’s original ramen products and sit down with a bowl of the ICHIRAN Ramen Artisan Made Semi Fresh Noodles, one of ICHIRAN’s most popular noodle products in Japan.

The ramen offered during this event is made with ICHIRAN’s rich, flavorful tonkotsu soup (a tonkotsu broth without the strong aroma unique to pork-based soups) and specially made noodles characterized by its chewy texture and full-bodied flavor. This event will feature the authentic flavors of ICHIRAN’s ramen.

About Classic Tonkotsu Ramen 

As the premier researchers of tonkotsu ramen, ICHIRAN strives to make a bowl of ramen that tastes better today than yesterday, and even tomorrow better than today. ICHIRAN vows to continue to satisfy its customers by continuing to improve its recipes in order to offer authentic, flavorful ramen to everyone.

ICHIRAN’s special raw noodles are made from a unique blend of quality flours, with the foremost consideration being synergy with our soup.
Additionally, the original aged “Original Spicy Red Sauce” is a chili-powder based blend of 30 different ingredients that is added to our ramen to bring out a more rich taste. The creamy soup is made using a technique developed by a team of craftsmen through years of research to draw out the robust flavors of the pork bone broth.​ ​

What is Ramen Focus Booth?

A quiet space for an eater to fully enjoy the ramen experience without any distraction. ICHIRAN has received a lot of praise for its unique ‘Ramen Focus Booths,’ especially from many female patrons. Many celebrities and public figures also enjoy dining in privacy within these booths. In the KL Pop Up, ICHIRAN will be recreating the iconic Ramen Focus Booths at this upcoming event for everyone to enjoy a truly authentic Ichiran experience.

However, there will be limited seats available. So, do come over early to avoid the queue!

ICHIRAN Original Merchandise

For fans of Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen, you could find 7 types of related products in limited quantities at this event. Try them all and compare the rich broth in different flavors.

ICHIRAN Ramen Artisan Made Semi Fresh Noodles
1 box (2 servings): RM50

ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Straight Noodles including Original Spicy Red Seasoning
1 box (5 servings): RM108

ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Straight Noodles including Original Spicy Red Seasoning
1 box (2 servings): RM48

ICHIRAN Ramen Curly Noodles including Original Spicy Red Seasoning
1 box (5 servings): RM108

ICHIRAN Ramen Kamadare Tonkotsu Noodles including Original Spicy Red Seasoning
1 box (2 servings): RM48

ICHIRAN Tonkotsu Ramen Cup Noodle
1 bowl: RM26

ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Red Seasoning (Can Version)
1 Can (14 grams): RM43

Limited Time Offer : RM188.00 (subject to 6% SST charges)

ICHIRAN Ramen Semi-Fresh Noodles with ICHIRAN Ramen Bowl Gift Box


・One (1) ICHIRAN Ramen Bowl
・Two (2) boxes of ICHIRAN Ramen Semi-Fresh Noodles (total 4 servings)


・ICHIRAN Ramen Hakata-style Thin Straight Noodles (5 servings) or
・ICHIRAN Ramen Curly Noodles (5 servings)

*All prices are subject to 6% SST charges.
All images are for illustration purposes only.
*Ramen served at this event is not same as ramen served in Ichiran restaurants.

Mark your dates this 3rd March! Don’t miss out on this unique experience only at Isetan The Japan Store [LGF The Market]

Date : 3rd March – 15th March 2023
Time : 11:00 – 20:00
Venue: Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10 (LGF The Market)

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