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Salon Du Pain 3.0: The Parisian Perfection

Salon Du Pain Ver 3.0 :
Artisan Bread Festival

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 26th July 2023

Due to overwhelming support from our valued customers and high popular demand in Salon Du Pain Ver 2.0, we are thrilled to make a comeback of Salon Du Pain: Artisan Bread Festival, the ultimate gathering for bread enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs alike. From classic croissants, caneles & petite gateaux, experience the joie de vivre of Salon Du Pain where every bite is a taste of Parisian perfection.

This time, the artisan bread fair is making its pop-up debut at Isetan The Japan Store [CF] & The MARKET [LGF], from 26th July until 6th August.


15 + 2 Brands

Salon Du Pain ver 3.0 will be having 15 bakery and patisserie brands such as Sun Moulin, Kenny Hills Bakers, Bray Bakery, Engi Patisserie, The Baking Trip, Kona Bakehouse, Le Patit Paris, Park’s Bagels, DonQ, Dou Dou Bake, Texture by C3, Orito, The Dough Factory, Xiao by Crustz, and Burrow. Meanwhile, 2 cafés are participating as new-in brands: Ground Coffee and Sarang Cha.

So, treat yourself with a delightful array of artisanal bread, delicate pastries, and decadent desserts. Don’t forget to share the joy with your friends and family too!

Sun Moulin

Since its establishment in 1998, Sun Moulin has become a revered Japanese-owned bakery in Isetan KLCC. Renowned for its long-standing tradition, Sun Moulin offers an enticing selection of freshly baked bread, buns, confectioneries, and pastries.

♠ Signature: Japanese Curry Doughnut Special
♥ Best seller: Queen Bread
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Mentai Cheese Fondue

Kenny Hills Bakers

Kenny Hills Bakers is an esteemed artisanal bakery and café that takes pride in its craft. This cozy establishment is renowned for its handmade pastries and organic sourdough bread, embodying the essence of homestyle baking. From flaky croissants to mouthwatering cakes, their offerings are a testament to the artistry of traditional baking.

♠ Signature: Peach Strudel
♥ Best seller: Rocher Cake
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Double Chocolate Strudel

Bray Bakery

Bray Bakery is a distinguished specialty bakery and coffee establishment that caters to discerning tastes. With a focus on exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Bray Bakery offers a unique selection of baked goods and specialty coffee.

♠ Signature: Kouign Aman Escargot
♥ Best seller: Rice Roti
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Pistachio Matcha Suisse

Engi Patisserie

Engi Patisserie is a haven for indulgence, offering an exclusive range of specialty cakes, pastries, and chocolates that enchant your taste buds. With a seamless fusion of European techniques and local flavors, each creation is a masterpiece crafted with the utmost care. Using only the finest quality ingredients that are halal and free from artificial additives, Engi Patisserie ensures that every bite is a delight.

♠ Signature: Mont Blanc
♥ Best seller: Kyoto Bamboo
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Genmaicha Hokkaido Azuki Swiss Roll

Kona Bakehouse

Kona Bakehouse is a neighborhood bakery-café that embraces the vibrant spirit of its surroundings. With a focus on quality and creativity, this charming establishment showcases an array of bright pastries and enviable bread, all inspired by the rich traditions of Japan.

♠ Signature: Mentaiko Potato Focaccia
♥ Best seller: Taro Butter Scone
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Yuzu Cream Cheese Canele

Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris is an enchanting homemade Parisian bakery that exudes warmth and nostalgia. With a deep-rooted dedication to the craft, this charming bakery remains faithful to the timeless traditions of bread and pastries. Each creation is lovingly handcrafted, preserving the authentic essence of Parisian baking.

♠ Signature: Sea Salt Butter Roll
♥ Best seller: Premium Milk Loaf
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Red Velvet Jumbo Cookies

Park’s Bagels

Park’s Bagels brings you an extraordinary bagel experience characterized by dense, chewy perfection. Delight in their expertly baked creations that embody the essence of bagel craftsmanship. Each bite is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating these exceptional treats.

♠ Signature: Smoked Salmon Sandwich
♥ Best seller: Everything Bagel + Spring Onion Cream Cheese
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Pineapple Cream Cheese

The Baking Trip

The Baking Trip is a KL-based online bakery that brings the joy of beautiful bread and cakes right to your doorstep. With a passion for baking and an eye for styling, they create delightful treats that ignite the senses. Their creations reflect a love for slow living and an appreciation for the art of baking.

With a particular devotion to sourdough baked goods, The Baking Trip offers an impressive selection of over 40 flavors of homemade bread and cakes. Each item is carefully crafted and baked to perfection, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

♠ Signature: Sourdough Miso Boule
♥ Best seller: Sourdough Multiseeds Batard
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Sourdough Mochi Floss Bun


DonQ is a bakery company that has been delighting customers since 1947. With a focus on crafting delicious loaves of breads, French confectionery, and more, they offer a delightful range of baked goods. From freshly baked French bread to mouth watering pastries, DonQ continues to create culinary delights that leave a lasting impression

♥ Best seller: Salted Butter
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Cheese Pari Pari

Dou Dou Bake

Dou Dou Bake is a bakery cafe nestled in a quiet corner of Petaling Jaya. Dou Dou Bake opened in 2020 and has been offering home-baked sourdough bread, croissants and other pastries, all fermented and baked without taking any shortcuts.

♥ Best seller: Croque Madame
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Chamomile Parfait Danish

Texture by C3

TEXTURE by C3 Lab is a confectionery company that weaves together the essence of traditional pastry craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. Inspired by generations of wisdom, they curate innovative sweet creations that captivate the modern palate. Specializing in pastry, chocolate display, and sugar display, C3 Lab offers consultancy services and collaborations led by their esteemed chefs.

♥ Best seller: Hazelnut Chocolate Petite Gateau
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Strawberry Parfait Feuillete


Orito KL is a celebrated patisserie renowned for its exquisite choux pastries. Handcrafted with utmost precision and using only premium ingredients, their creations are truly a sight to behold. Delight in the perfect blend of flavors with their signature offerings like So Matcha, and Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel choux pastries.

♠ Signature: Paris Brest
♥ Best seller: Croissant
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Crème Brûlée Doughnut

The Dough Factory

The Dough Factory is a culinary treasure, offering a delightful selection of pastries, cakes, and freshly baked bread. Indulge in the caramelized perfection of their Sea Salt Kouign Amann, savor the fluffiness of their croissants and pain au chocolat, and explore their rich and flavorful mains like Squid Ink Aglio Olio and Chili Crab Pasta. With a commitment to exceptional quality and taste, The Dough Factory crafts each item with precision and passion.

♥ Best seller: Butter Croissant
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Assorted Suisse

Xiao By Crustz

Xiao By Crustz is a haven of pastry delights, where French-style cakes, tarts, and pastries take center stage. Indulge in their luscious creations, featuring a symphony of flavors and textures. From the heavenly Nutcracker’s strawberry compote to the rich chocolate mousse and tantalizing triple-peanut praline, each bite is a sensory experience.

♠ Signature: Parfait Dessert Cup
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Ice Cream Croissant


Burrow KL is a delightful bakery-café that specializes in crafting exquisite canelés with a custardy heart. With meticulous attention to detail, Burrow KL brings the art of canelé making to life, offering a range of flavors to satisfy every palate. From the classic Canelé de Bordeaux to unique and seasonal varieties, their canelés are a true indulgence. Each canelé is carefully crafted using traditional techniques, resulting in a rich and flavorful treat.

♠ Signature: The OG & Mr Earl
♦ Isetan Exclusive: Dulce De Leche Canele

Exclusive Café Pop-Up

Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee is a charming café that celebrates the art of coffee and delectable pastries. Experience a delightful array of treats, including butter croissants and an assortment of irresistible pastries. Their menu showcases a variety of local delights that perfectly complement their exceptional coffee. With a focus on quality and passion, Ground Coffee is committed to providing a memorable experience for coffee and pastry enthusiasts.

Sarang Cha

Sarang Cha is a captivating café that seamlessly blends the enticing flavors of Japan with local culinary delights. Step inside and prepare to be enchanted by their exquisite offerings. Indulge in the authentic taste of Matcha and Tea, carefully sourced from Shizuoka, while savoring their locally sourced coffee from Borneo. What sets Sarang Cha apart is their commitment to using organic molasses and cane sugar, ensuring a guilt-free and utterly delicious experience.

Exclusive Perks & Treats

Gift with Purchase

Get to receive one (1) Exclusive Salon Du Pain Canvas Tote Bag with minimum spend of RM250 and above at Salon Du Pain 3.0 at Concourse Lot 10 & Ground Coffee & SarangCha Pop Up at LGF The Market, Isetan The Japan Store.

Spend To Get

Redeem RM5 Promotion Coupon with every spend of RM100 at Salon Du Pain 3.0 at Concourse Lot 10 & Ground Coffee & SarangCha Pop Up at LGF The Market, Isetan The Japan Store.
*Coupon Validity : August 31, 2023
*T&C apply

View Salon Du Pain 3.0 catalog for more information.

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