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Nagasaki Castella

Nagasaki Castella from
Fukusaya Japan

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 2nd December 2023

A Traditional Nagasaki Cake

Since 1624, Fukusaya has been making fine castella cakes for over 390 years. Our founder learned the secrets of making castella from a Portuguese visitor, and over the years it has evolved into a Japanese treat representing a perfect fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

The Fukusaya shop in Funadaiku-machi, Nagasaki

Real Value of “Hand Technique”

Since our founding in 1624, there’s one thing that has always remained the same. That is the method of making Castella by hand. The pillar of this craft is the artisan’s “hand technique”, a method developed over long years of experience.

The Separate Beating Method

The moist deliciousness of Castella depends solely on the whipping of the eggs. In whipping eggs, there is the “separate beating method” and the “beating together method”.

The “separate beating method” is the time-consuming process of first separating the whites and yolks of carefully selected eggs by hand and then thoroughly whipping them, using the “hand technique” of the artisan. After the whites are whipped, the yolks and brown sugar crystals are added, and the mixture is beaten further. In contrast, the “beating together method” means putting the eggs and other ingredients together and beating them with an electric mixer.

Fukusaya long ago developed the time-consuming “separate beating method”, enabling it to make the fluffy Castella that can only be produced by this high-quality hand-whipping technique.

Hand-mixed by Skilled Bakers

Nagasaki Castella cake is hand-mixed by experienced bakers, combining simple, carefully selected eggs, sugar, thick rice syrup, and flour to create this fragrant, delicious masterpiece. Fukusaya is famous for the sugar crystals remaining on the bottom of the cake even after mixing “zarame sugar” (granular sugar). Enjoy that delightful crunchy flavour at the bottom of each piece.

1. Whipping up the egg whites seperately
2. The egg yolks are combined with the sugar
3. Mixing by hand
4. Pouring the batter
5. Fresh from oven

Visit Isetan KLCC, CF Foodmarket to get this exclusive Nagasaki Castella from now until 13th December 2023.

So, hurry and make your purchase!

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