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Football Fiesta by Tiger


by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 21st November 2022

Football Fiesta by Tiger

The most awaited FIFA World Cup is happening now. This year, Qatar is the country hosts this world event.
Catch the football fever and join us in our World Cup celebration.
Let’s Shop, Win, Bid and Fiesta!

FIFA World Cup

FIFA exists to govern football and to develop the game around the world. Since 2016, the organisation has been fast evolving into a body that can more effectively serve our game for the benefit of the entire world.

With Qatar playing host to the first FIFA World Cup™ ever in the Arab world, a unique and extraordinary stage has been created for the teams, the players and, of course, you the fans.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will be played from 20th November to 18th December in Qatar. It will be the 22nd edition of the competition, and the first played in the Arab world.


Since its roaring debut in 1932, Tiger has claimed gold at the prestigious World Beer Cup and quenched the thirst of a growing international fanbase. Explore our collection of award-winning tropical brews right here, and find your Tiger.

Tiger Original – A bold lager, born in the heart of Asia. Tiger is brewed using our tropical lagering process, making it a uniquely refreshing full bodied beer.

Tiger Crystal – Tiger Crystal is filtered at a crystal cold temperature of -1°C to lock in the most desirable flavours and aromas for ultimate refreshment.


It’s been 140 years since Heineken has been able to call itself a microbrewer. And while we’re proud that 25 million Heineken’s are served each day across 192 countries, we’ve never forgotten that the quality is measured not in the size of our brand but in the purity of our beer.

Even as we continue to open up to new worlds, Gerard’s uncompromised drive for quality and perfection still lives on in the Heineken family. Cheers!


Over hundred years ago in 1888, the brewing of Kirin Beer in Japan began. Every drop of Kirin Ichiban is crafted, pure, smooth, and delightful.

Kirin Ichiban represents a rich culture of meticulousness. In a way, it’s an art form of its own. We choose every ingredient and carry out every step of the process with awareness true to Japanese craftsmanship. The detail lies at the foundation of all Japanese art and represents a philosophy many around the world have adopted.


Founded in 1876, Sapporo is the oldest brand of beer in Japan with a rich history and high standard of quality. First brewed in Sapporo by Sapporo’s first brewmaster, German-trained, Seibei Nakagawa Sapporo. Sapporo brews premium lagers using the highest-quality ingredients that they can find, giving each of their beers a signature crisp, refreshing flavour, and clean finish.

Since its establishment, Sapporo Breweries has been storing up unique technical knowledge in addition to pursuing more delicate ingredients. In 1979, after their dedication to the research and development of barley, the “Haruna Nijo” Barley was born. It has been described as a “Miracle Barley” thanks to its ideal nutrition balance and fermentation ability.

This “Miracle Barley” is used as the world’s highest grade of parent strain for developing high-quality breeds of barley even after all these years.

Grab a beer, watch football live matches and cheer to support your cherished football team with friends or colleagues. It is available at Isetan KLCC Foodmarket from 21st November to 20th December 2022.

*For non-Muslims, aged 21+ above only. Don’t drink if you drive.

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