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Tokyo Banana at Isetan Kuala Lumpur

Tokyo Banana at
Isetan Kuala Lumpur

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 6th Aug 2021

Tokyo-made and the No.1 souvenir from Japan since 1991, Tokyo Banana is an individually packed, fluffy Japanese banana-shaped sponge cake with a banana custard cream filling.

Crowned as the official souvenir sweet of Tokyo, this is the must-buy omiyage gift among global tourists and local visitors after returning from a trip to Tokyo. Its popularity is attributed to limited availability only in Tokyo, at airports, train stations and souvenir shops

Limited Quantity Pre-Packed Gift Sets

Isetan Kuala Lumpur is excited to bring you this iconic Tokyo Banana to cheer everyone up during these stay at home days. The sponge cakes are individually packed in a box of four pieces, which will definitely make as a delicious gift for your loved ones.

Bring back a box or two home with you!



Tokyo Banana
Original Banana Custard Cream Sponge Cake
4 pieces per box

You can also DIY the Tokyo Banana sponge cakes with these delicious and easy recipes!

Recipe 1 : Chocolate Banana Popsiclea popular snack that is indispensable at Japanese Festival Stalls

  • Pierce a stick into the Tokyo Banana (sharp wooden sticks or disposable chopsticks works too. Carefully though as the cake is really soft)
  • Cover the top half with a thin layer of melted chocolate
  • Garnish with the topping of your choice before cooling it in the fridge

Recipe 2 : Baked Tokyo Banana

  • Place the Tokyo Banana on an aluminium foil, toast it in an oven toaster until the surface is slightly brown.
  • Enjoy it with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

*PRO TIP – Lightly oil the aluminium foil with melted butter so the cake won’t stick.

Don’t miss out on Tokyo Banana – one of Japan’s most beloved treats, coming soon exclusively at Isetan Kuala Lumpur!

For devoted confectionary fans, Japan is a very well-known country with an amazing variety of snacks. If you’re not into Japanese snacks, haven’t been to Japan at all or have no idea what this is..

You’re in for a treat!

Mark your dates this 14th August 2021! Don’t miss out on this unique snack only at Isetan KLCC [CF FoodMarket]

*Product is alcohol & pork-free. This is an exported version.
*Images are for illustration purposes only.

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